Barbecue! Is your mouth watering yet?

A soft scent of smoke and burnt sausage scent in the air on a summer evening is one of the purest pleasures of the season. The unadulterated joy you derive from the ritual of creating flames, watching them die while you feel the hear on your face and position your dinner is unmatched. When it comes to grilling, the first thing that comes to your mind is the deliciously pronounced word, Barbecue or simply BBQ. It’s originally from Taino, an ancient Indian language.

Sure, we all have kitchens, but it’s striking how we love to venture outside the comfort of conditioned interiors to grill food in the thick summer heat. There are lots of good reasons to do so, some practical, some social and others for your own health.

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14in Steel BBQ

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Barbecuing turns your food preparation and cooking into a social event, which makes it ideal for gatherings, celebration, outing and picnics with family and friends. You also get to eat naturally fresher food, as compared to processed food. Additionally, barbecuing is instinctive, versatile, exciting and gets you outdoors and saves you the hassle of cleaning the kitchen.

It takes the right BBQ grill and tools to get the event straight; You don’t know what the situation where the stage is set, ribs rubbed and friends are hanging out on the smoking hot grill. But just as you sizzle that rack of ribs, the spatula breaks. At outdoor reviews, we offer not only all the tools you need but also all the info about what you really need, their durability and toughness and lots of other extras.

To give you the ideal, honest review, we analyse features and faults of each BBQ product so you can compare and purchase with ease. Our research is sourced from manufacturers and more importantly customers who actually use the tools.