Taking up cycling might be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life. Your reason for hopping on a bike may health-related, finding a new activity, sport or your commute to work. Whatever the reason, the enthralment of buying your first pedal cruise can definitely head spinning. If you are planning to acquire a new bike, you are at the right place.

Still on the fence on whether to join the global community of cyclists? If you are wondering why you should be riding a bike, we are wondering why you aren’t already. Cycling has more benefits that we could ever list, and outdoor reviews are here to make the connection between you and those benefits.

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Exercise is a key component of staying healthy. Cycling is a great way to achieve your exercise goals. It helps you build muscle, cut fat, strengthen your legs, keep your heart health among others.

Cars aren’t great for the environment and are one of the greatest causes of noise and air pollution. Riding a bike to work not only keeps you healthy but also means fewer emissions, which is good for all of us. In addition to being an environmentally sustainable alternative to cars, owning a bicycle helps that pay-check last longer. We are talking about purchase, insurance, fuel, parking and maintenance costs.

Life is about finding happiness. Having friends along the journey can make all the difference, and eventually change your life for the better.  Make new friends and belong to a club with people with whom you’ll spend quality time and create memories.

A car isn’t always the best way to get around, especially during traffic jams and through narrow pathways. Owning a bike will take you to places you hadn’t before, improve your navigational skills and we’ll have one more car off the road. Each matters.

Outdoor reviews brings you an informed analysis of a wide range of bike so you can make the best decision depending on your intended use, budget and preferences.