6 x Evans L.S.P. Perfumed Furniture Polish and Window Cleaner Spray Bottle 750ml

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How To Use:
Use undiluted. Spray sparingly directly onto the surface. Wipe off immediately with soft, dry cloth & buff to a lustrous clean finish.
For small or hard to reach areas, spray directly onto cloth & polish surface.
This multi surface ready to use pourable liquid leaves a deep, long lasting shine with pleasant perfume – by the time you have finished using it, the room will smell like it has been freshly spring cleaned!
Our Evans Cleanser is ideal for computer areas, VDU and TV screen – the polish is not thin enough to run into the delicate areas around your computer area so you don’t need to worry about ruining them.
Suitable for wood, veneer, laminate, stainless steel, formica, glass, chrome and paintwork.
For maximum economy, this polish is also available in commercial 5Ltr bottle, which you can then use to refill the 750ml trigger sprayer bottles. These containers have a long shelf life so can be bought in bulk even if it will take you time to use them.
Evans Vanodine is a large trusted brand so if you have any comments or complaints, you have where to send them to!