Balds Original Wood Balm – Red Top

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Balds Original Wood Balm – Red Top For use on Dark woods eg Mahogany, Dark Oak, Rosewood Cherry etc, etc Gently restores and refurbishes scratched, tired and faded wood throughout the home without removing patina and character and even removes most water and ring marks. Can be used on furniture,floors,kitchen units,ceiling beams,doors etc. The original product has been used for many years by leading restorer’s and makers and is now available to those who cherish quality and tradition. It is a handmade product with great care taken with each bottle and is made in the UK. Very easy to apply. Use a small amount on a cotton cloth and wipe on along in the direction of the grain. We have slightly changed the name of our Balm because we are always being asked if it can used on other wood in the home and not just furniture, so Balds Original Wood Balm hopefully describes it. Nothing else has changed!.
Cleans and restores scratched, tired and faded wood throughout the home.
Removes most water and ring marks
Can be used on floors, stairs, kitchen units, tables, chairs, beams etc etc
For use on dark woods, Mahogany, Rosewood Cherry etc & has a pleasant fragrance
It cleans, it restores wood & it works!