Chambers Leather Natural Balsam Conditioner 200ml

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The Chambers leather balsam is formulated by a leatherworking family business. It is designed to condition leather and to enhance its appearance without darkening or leaving any residue. It is made with beeswax which gives leather light waterproofing and sheen. The coconut oil used is a fully saturated fat which means that it does not go rancid. We added a little jojoba oil to help penetration and orange oil which is a natural antioxidant.

We have made the balsam without colour so no colour goes on your leather but you may wish to test first on a small hidden area.


The Chambers balsam has a very smooth texture and is easy to apply with a normal household sponge. Let’s say you are treating a leather sofa. Apply a thin coat of the balsam and leave for ten minutes for the oils to absorb. Using a soft cloth or a small towel, give the sofa a quick polish. It doesn’t need much polishing; just a few passes and you will see the difference. Alternatively, on smaller leather items, the balsam can be applied with bare hands and polished with a cloth.

The balsam is packed with natural ingredients so why not give your hands a quick rub too.


This balsam enhances the appearance and prolongs the life of leather furniture, leather car seats, shoes/boots, leather bags, jackets. In fact, any smooth leather items. Do not use on suede or nubuck.


We offer a powerful Chambers leather cleaner with orange oil and Omega 9.
New to Amazon. Conditions and nourishes leather. Protects new leather and revives old leather leaving your items feeling and looking great
The balsam is clear and does not change the colour of your leather just makes it look brighter and more alive. Do not use on suede or nubuck
Conditions and prolongs the life of furniture, car seats, bags, shoes, saddle leather, glove and practically everything made with smooth leather
The wax provides light waterproofing. Non-toxic formula, does not contain silicone, does not leave sticky or oily residue. The natural goodness of the balsam means it is great for your hands too
Made in England by a leatherworker family. No questions full refund return policy