🤩 Clawed Gardening Gloves Easy to Dig and Plant, Waterproof Garden Gloves for Women and Men(1 Pair)

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Size:5.5*9.45 inch
Usage:Digging &Planting
Package: 1 pairs

The benefits of a latex gardening gloves with the usefulness of garden tools.
The built in gardening claws make digging, planting, raking, fast and easy.
It’s the one step solution to handle a variety of gardening tasks.
Durable non-slip construction protects hands while preventing broken fingernails and sore fingertips, and the puncture resistant design shields against sharp, thorny greenery.
Quality gardening gloves are puncture resistant and the claws are made with durable ABS plastic to protect your fingers and hands.
Outdoor and indoor gardening gloves rinse clean keeping your hands dry and clean.
Garden the quick and easy way with Garden Gloves.
Perfect for Bulb digging, planting, cultivating, composting in loose soil.
Quick Easy to Dig – 4 hand fingertips claws on each of glove with durable ABS plastic and prevent piercing,convenient and quick digging of soil and planting flowers.
Perfect Protection of Your Hands – With durable non-slip construction and the puncture resistant design,thick gardening gloves claws protect hands and preventing broken fingernails and sore fingertips.
Waterproof and Breathable – Waterproof gardening gloves become dirty when you’re working. But you can wash it like a hand wash. Ladies gardening gloves is breathable and won’t make you feel hot.
Convenient Garden Tools – Every time you want to trim your garden looking for tools but not found,and very upset. Don’t worry about it now, owning our women and men garden gloves, make it easy to make up your garden.
Suitable for Anyone – High quality latex material allows for a longer stretch,one size fits most women,men and even older kids. Garden genie gloves make gardening fun and easy, keep your hands dry, clean and being protected.