👽 Delicious Handmade Biscuits with Almonds by Petits Grecs, 120g | Gourmet, Traditional, Vegetarian, Greek Artisan Cookies in Gift Box

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Our Biscuits with Almonds are delicious Greek biscuits made with wheat flour, cocoa, sugar, honey and crunchy almonds. Nuts and especially almonds are traditionally used in Crete to produce the local biscuits. Their delicacy and multiple nutritional values have established them as one of the most favorite ingredients of Greek pastry making. Our company Petits Grecs is located in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, and was founded on the vision of introducing Greek traditional pastry and bakery to the world at large. Our team selects Greek regional recipes and gives them a gourmet twist by adding special ingredients. Our shortbread cookies and biscuits are already famous for their beautiful packaging and fantastic flavours. We proudly present them to you.
A DELIGHTFUL TREAT If you are looking for a delicious treat, try our Biscuits with Almonds. Made with wheat flour, cocoa, sugar, honey and crunchy almonds, they are perfect for your English tea, for snacking or for a gourmet gift.
IDEAL FOR FOODIES AND VEGETARIANS Enjoy the delicate sweetness, the crumbly texture, the great taste. These mouthwatering cookies are a perfect bite for tea or coffee, both for foodies and vegetarians.
WHEN TRADITION MEETS GOURMET Almonds are a very significant part of Greek cuisine and pastry making since ancestry. They are used in a great number of sweet recipes. To go beyond the traditional recipes, we added cocoa to give a depth of taste, while almonds deliver their nutty flavour and fabulous texture.
A GREAT GIFT IDEA Presented in a beautiful box and deliciously indulgent, our Biscuits with Almonds make an ideal gift for family or friends. A lovely way to send your love, regards and best wishes.
SUGGESTED USES AND SERVING TIPS Our Biscuits with Almonds are the ideal treat for any occasion, from a casual tea party to a festive celebration. Enjoy them with tea, coffee, milk, hot chocolate, cool beverages and dessert wines. Use them in trifles or crumble them over yoghurt and ice creams.