Fresh Floral Bouquet Fragranced Antibacterial, Disinfecting, Deodoriser Cleaner (10L).

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Daily cleaner and disinfectant for hard surfaces that kills 99.999% of bacteria, neutralises odours and helps maintain hygiene in food preparation areas. Fresh Floral Bouquet passed BS EN 1276 by an independent testing laboratory evaluating its bactericidal effectiveness at a dilution of 1:30.
Ideal for cleaning out dog kennels and catteries. Fresh Floral Bouquet kills 99.999% of bacteria, and has been proven to kill MRSA.
Can be used on any water washable hard surface.
An important benefit in areas where infection control is paramount.
Applied through a trigger spray, Fresh can be used as an air sanitiser to eliminate stale odours in bars, nightclubs, nursing homes, etc.
A unique active agent is moulded into the pen, killing 99.9% of all harmful bacteria & viruses.