🤩 GardenGirl AR30M Chelsea Print Working Gloves – Brown/White

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GardenGirl/work gloves – Chelsea product description: This heavy duty garden gloves are made from durable materials and provide maximum protection. – Inner Glove Surface made of leather – Inner padding – the front upper with breathable membrane Elastic elastane – Extra long leg warmers with embroidery Elastic functional material: faux leather Elastane, Colour: Chelsea sizes: S (7) – L (9) about GardenGirl: in front of the entrance there is more than a place – it’s a life style, reminiscent of how a ripe strawberry reminiscent of a flowering summer garden, US THE GardenGirl line to all of our outdoor experience to enjoy at any time of year. In 2007 Säte I the first seeds for the GardenGirl collection. In welly boots securely into the soft ground Versunken, I recognised that there is no clothing which is useful, comfortable and attractive to female gardener. So combined I My Love Of Gardening and my experience as a successful designer to develop, a range of practical, yet stylish clothing for any lady that work in the beautiful garden, or enjoy of them he to any new arrivals nursery. As a family business began, growth fast. We have a whole team of a nation that will give to the development of the GardenGirl collection today. Some products have been inspired from the input of our customers. We pride ourselves on being able to that has GardenGirl spreads beyond our home Sweden, and the brand is renowned the world over now. Our Garden pants and salopettes are made from 100% cotton for a natural and comfortable to wear and are designed with our unique stretch side panels and special pockets for dog knee pads. They have a selection of bags for each tool that you need in the garden, or even your mobile phone. The knees, pockets and ankles Seams are reinforced with nylon to protect against dirt and moisture. This clever
Palm endurable leather from cow
Padded on the inside, Elastic feature on wrist
Heavy duty gardening
Reverse with breathable elastic Spandex
Long cuff with print for extra protection