👽 House Mate Liquid Gold Wood Reviver 250 ml

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Bring out the natural beauty of your wooden furniture and keep it that way with Liquid Gold Wood Reviver. This tried and trusted wood cleaner and nourishing oil:

  • Cleans, nourishes and protects wood, allowing the grain to shine through beautifully
  • Reduces the appearance of scratches and scuffs
  • Penetrates deeply to help prevent cracking, warping and fading
  • Restores woods natural colour and lustre
  • Cleans away dirt, grease, wax and polish
  • Reduces the appearance of scratches and scuffs
  • Can help reduce future staining

Untreated woods can benefit too, including your garden furniture, and to thank you for the TLC you’ll be rewarded with a lovely almond fragrance. Worth its weight in gold!


Wood reviver
Nourishing Oil
Acts like a moisturiser for wood
For all natural wood finishes only
Not suitable for laminates