👽 Howard Orange Oil Furniture Polish

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Howard orange oil wood polish has been using the polishing power of real orange oil to gently clean and polish wood finishes for over 30 years in the usa. Lemon oil is available too, the orange and lemon essence oils are derived from the rind of the fruit and have excellent polishing properties. These special oils, blended with a highly refined mineral oil, enhance the depth and bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain. Howard orange oil and lemon oil can be used on all wood surfaces including furniture and kitchen cabinets without drying the wood finish like so many other wood cleaners. Perfect for weekly polishing, dusting and cleaning. Cleans and polishes wood finishes with real citrus oil. Safe to use on teak and other oiled woods. Leaves no wax build up, only a clean citrus scent. Does not contain silicone or linseed oil. Not intended for use on hardwood floors. CHECK OUT our offer “Pair & Spare” and buy 2 473ml Orange oil together and save some cash!! this offer includes 2 professional quality microfibre cloths. SKU No ORS00162MF2
Orange Oil
Cleans and Polishes Wood Finishes with Real Citrus Oil
Safe to Use on Teak and other Oiled Woods
Does Not Contain Siliconr or linseed Oil
Leaves No Wax Build Up Only A Clean Citrus Scent