😈 ModiFit Elite Steel Grey Denim Look Weight Lifting Belt – Back Support Lumbar Support Fitness Exercise Bodybuilding CrossFit Strength Training 10cm Back Panel Tapered to 5cm 100% Leather

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ModiFit Elite Steel Grey Weight Lifting Belt

A new version of our super populate Elite Weight Lifting Belt. We’ve gone for a Steel Grey / Blue Denim look Suede leather which is approx 3-4mm thick, then a layer of buffalo leather that is 4-5mm thick and then another layer of suede which is around 2mm (but compressible). Having a buffalo leather in the middle is significantly more expensive than many other weight lifting belts (you will often see thin layers of cardboard type material which is how some brands can sell cheap belts). We don’t do things like that, we want to give you a quality product that will last forever. The total thickness of this belt is around 9mm thick which gives unparalleled support but the freedom of movement that you get with a weightlifting belt due to the tapered sides. The belt is built to last and you’ll have a very supportive weight lifting belt for years to come. The belt comes with a black suede padded inner for a fantastic level of comfort and a chunky double prong buckle which shows the quality of the belt (no skinny little buckles on our belts!). Highly likely to increase your squat… The belt has two chunky loops 35mm wide.

Our belts are made with solid layers of leather hence the higher price. In return you get a belt that will last you forever – we offer a lifetime warranty on them!

Sizing (please measure around your belly button)

  • Small: 25″ – 31″
  • Medium: 29″ – 35″
  • Large: 33″ – 39″
  • Extra Large: 36″ – 42″
  • 2XL: 39″ – 45″


If you’re not 100% happy with your order you can return them unused for all your money back or a no-hassle replacement!

CONTOURED to fit snuggly around your waist. Back panel is 10cm tall, tapers to 5cm around the sides
100% Leather Construction – No Cheap Fillers or cheap leather
8-9mm thick, offering more support than a standard belt (5mm thick)
POPULAR with Olympic Weightlifters
ALSO AVAILABLE in Nubuck and White