🤩 NoCry Cut Resistant Protective Work Gloves with Rubber Grip Dots. Tough and Durable Stainless Steel Material, EN388 Certified. 1 Pair. White

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A new type of knitted work glove
Cuts and bruises from rough or sharp edges are the most common type of hand injuries in working environments. Regular knitted work gloves offer little to none protection against these types of injuries. These NoCry gloves are made to be better. A unique blend of hi-tech materials offers superior protection against cut related accidents and makes the gloves more than 5 times more durable than regular knitted work gloves.

True multi-purpose gloves
A pair of gloves needs to be a good investment. The level of comfort and protection these gloves provide allow you to use them for many different purposes around the house or at work. The NoCry gloves are well breathable and won’t make your hands sweat even when you have to wear them for a long time. Ergonomical design makes them comfortable to wear and easy to perform precision demanding tasks. While using the gloves you can feel safer and focus completely on the task at hand.

Firm grip and quality build
Good grip makes work more effective. The palm and finger area of the NoCry work glove is covered with high quality silicon dots, wrapping themselves around whatever you’re grabbing or holding. This enables you to grab objects with ease and work faster, longer, and safer.

We’re focusing a lot on the quality of our gloves. All of our gloves are backed up by our no-hassle NoCry guarantee. Should there be an issue with your gloves we’ll replace them for free or give you your money back.

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A unique blend of Stainless Steel threads, High-Performance Polyethylene, Glass fiber, Spandex, and Nylon make these gloves extremely tough and durable, while still offering a great level of breathability, comfort, and dexterity
Offering a very high level of protection against sharp edges, objects, and blades; these gloves have been awarder with EN388 Level 5 cut protection rating and are our most protective gloves yet
High quality and durable silicon dots make gripping awkward objects easier than with your bare hands, allowing you to focus completely on the task at hand
Designed especially for tasks where you need to handle rough objects, come into contact with sharp edges or blades, or protect your hands against cuts and bruises
Ideal gloves for whittling, roofing, handling glass, landscaping, construction etc.