🤩 Rose Pruning Gloves, Professional Pruning Thornproof Gardening Gloves with Long Gauntlet to Protect Your Arms Until the Elbow.Yellow Brown ST102

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Professional Protection For Use At Home
Use the right tool for the job and protect your hands with these goatskin leather garden gloves for women and men. Goatskin garden gloves provide superior protection to your hands and forearms yet are tactile enough for you to feel even the smallest of seeds in your hands. Built tough to protect the professionals who tend roses all day, these goatskin garden gloves are affordable enough for you to have the most complete protection while you indulge in your relaxing gardening hobby.
The arm length of these gardening gloves are extremely versatile. Perfect for pruning rose bushes, these goatskin gardening gloves are great for hauling branches, pulling out irritating or poisonous plants, working anywhere where you might get cut or scratched. You can even use these gardening gloves for cactus care indoors or out. If you’re looking for gift ideas these would make an excellent pair of gardening gloves for grandma.
Long Gauntlet
These gardening gloves feature an extra-long gauntlet that protect you right up to your elbow. The gauntlet is made out a premium quality leather and you’ll receive the same professional protection all the way up your forearms to your elbow.
Step 1. Measure the circumference of your dominant hand just below the knuckles, excluding the thumb.
Step 2. Pick the size that closely matches your measurement.
Medium- 7.5 inches to 8 inches
Large – 8.5 inches to 9 inches.100%
– Order risk free, these will be your favorite pair of gardening gloves or your money back!
Extended split suede cuff prevents cuts on the arms allowing you to deadhead your roses painlessly. Also the sleeve is 100% leather, your gloves will be more breathable than synthetic gloves
These gloves are sturdy yet soft to the touch, both inside and out. And goatskin gloves are washable, easy to clean and mainain.
Ergonomic Grip Ergonomic stitching around the thumb allows you to grip your garden tools and even seeds with ease. Provides a great grip on everything you need. Excellent for individuals suffering from arthritis.
Puncture resistant, these gloves are excellent rose gardening gloves and can also be put to use for handling cactus, pruning berry and all prickly bushes, citrus picking and to protect you from poison ivy.
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