😈 Vobasoc Football #5 Training Teaching Competition Standard Ball Adult Child Diamond Pattern High Elasticity PU Heat Bonding Football

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F-687 Football Introduction

Brand: Vobasoc

Model: F-687

Size: #5 Laminated Football

Standard: International Level-A Competition Standard Ball

Process: Heat Bonding

Material: Diamond Pattern High Elasticity PU,Built-in Foam Layer, Butyl Bladder

Applicable population: Adults Aged 13 and Over

Applicable place: Indoor and Outdoor

1.Standard Size, Superior Performance

Standard No. 5, 11-person training game ball, balanced size and weight ratio, stable flight path, and suitable for a variety of weather.

2.Diamond Pattern High Elasticity PU

F-687 uses high-elastic PU, good elasticity,soft touch,flight stability,waterproof and good performance,high definition printing,neat patch.

3.Leak Proof Gasnozzle

F-687 uses special technology,gasnozzle special structure to prevent the infiltration of the ball into the ball,to ensure superior performance.

4.Fine Workmanship

F-687 uses the heat bonding,ball joint high degree of fit,neat and orderly,firm,durable ball,is not easy to be dropped,and maintain long-term spherical.

5.High Quality Butyl Bladder

F-687 uses high-quality butyl bladder, which is of good air tightness Built-in foam layer.

Product Size:#5 laminated football,competition standard ball,11-person training game ball.
Product Material:F-687 uses high-quality butyl bladder, which is of good air tightness Built-in foam layer, diamond pattern high elasticity PU, comfortable feet feel, excellent elasticity.
Product Process:F-687 uses the heat bonding process, water resistance is enhanced greatly and it has excellent  performance even in rain and snow weather.With the diamond pattern  design leather , the instant friction is greatly strengthened when contacting the football.
Applicable venues: artificial lawns, natural lawns, beaches, sandstones, plastic venues, etc., responding to indoor lighting, daylight, snow, rain and other climates.
Applicable people: football clubs, school teams, football fans and adults over 13 years old.