🤩 Voche® Pack of 12 Wireless Solar Powered Rechargeable Colour Changing LED Stainless Steel Garden Deck Lights

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Pack of 12 Lights

These Voche Solar Powered Deck Lights are ideal as a marker light along pathways, decking, driveways, patios, borders etc.

During the day, the solar panel converts solar power and stores it in the rechargeable battery. At night, the lights turn on automatically using the stored energy.

When they come on, each light will cycle through 3 colours (red, green and blue), creating an attractive lighting feature for any garden.

Top quality durable stainless steel construction allows lights to be walked on without damage occurring when installed on decking.

Voche in my garden Brand – 5 Star Quality Assured

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Please note: Solar lights are dependent on the amount of sunlight they get each day, the run time will be reduced during non-summer months as charge times are reduced in relation to hours of daylight and the strength of the light.
Pack of 12 Lights
Super bright long life colour changing – red, green and blue LED bulbs
Stainless steel construction – Easy to install, no wiring
Solar power stored in a Ni-MH rechargeable battery (included)
Diameter of light: 8.5cm, Diameter of hole required to install light in decking: 6.5cm